Hannah Quimper-Swiderski is an artist and photographer from Edmonton-Amiskwaciwâskahikan, Canada. She works with a wide variety of mediums, primarily video, photo, performance and printmaking, often exploring concepts through a combination of these methods.

Hannah has shown work in venues such as the Edmonton International Film Festival, the Art Gallery of Alberta, Latitude 53, and Mile Zero Dance. She also has a background in theatre, having been raised in the community theatre scene in rural Alberta and trained at the Foote Theatre School in Edmonton and Second City in Toronto. Hannah previously went to film school with the intention of working as a cinematographer before completing her BFA at the University of Alberta in 2019.


Within my work I explore concepts of gender performativity, identity and the body as a contextually loaded form. Often working through the lens of pop culture, I explore my own identity through archetypal characters and visual identities found within b-movies, late night television, and advertising. Through this re-presentation of reality, I aim to reveal the uncanny within the real. Within my photo and video work, I usually perform as characters, experimenting with the otherworldly (magicians, clowns) and the archetypal (cowgirls, news anchors, movie stars). I enjoy exposing the behind-the-scenes, referencing the film set itself, considering the role of the audience in any performance and the ways in which the camera can both remove and enhance intimacy.

Lately, my work has become more personal, referencing my own adolescence and experiences growing up as a queer person in rural Alberta. I have been working with a combination of video and live performance, referencing the tenderness and discomfort of my formative years.


b. 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2019 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Alberta, with a focus on intermedia and printmaking
2016 - Floral Design Certificate, Mount Royal University
2014 - 2015 - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, digital cinema production

2020 - The Prime of My Life - Mile Zero Dance
2017 - i have lived on other worlds before - Mile Zero Dance
2015 - Six Months - Photography exhibition in artist’s apartment

2019 - Imitation Crab - Parallel Space
2019 - Nice to Meet You - FAB Gallery, University of Alberta
2018 - AND A BABY - Latitude 53
2018 - Redefining Intermedia - University of Alberta
2018 - Anthropocities - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Cities and Climate Change conference, Shaw Conference Centre and Rutherford Library
2017 - Define Intermedia - University of Alberta
2017 - Hope & Fear - Rutherford Library, University of Alberta
2014 - 35 - Art Gallery of Alberta
2013 - Joe & Claire - Official selection of the Edmonton International Film Festival

2018 - Shifting Landscapes - Latitude 53, photography by youth in Kids4Cameras programming
2017 - Define Intermedia - University of Alberta, Co-curated with Amanda Chwelos
2017 - Thaw - Latitude 53, photography by youth in Kids4Cameras programming
2016 - In Motion - Mile Zero Dance, photography by youth in Kids4Cameras programming
2016 - Rebirth - Latitude 53, Co-curated with Jacob Bos, photography by youth in Kids4Cameras programming

2018 - 2019 - President, Visual Arts Students Association (VASA), University of Alberta
2016 - 2018 - Artistic director, Kids4Cameras
2016 - 2017 - Communications committee member, Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE)

2018 - Natalka Horeczko Scholarship in Painting and Print-Design
2014 - Leduc Foundation Media Arts Award
2014 - Rain or Shine - Third place at Exposure Film Festival & Photography Exhibit
2013 - Joe & Claire - Winner of the high school short film award at the Edmonton International Film Festival
2013 - Joe & Claire - First place at Exposure Film Festival & Photography Exhibit
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